Asvaco's Computer Assessment Tool (CAT) is being used as a Virtual Investigation Tool to Assist the LAPD with a High Profile Incident Involving an Alleged Car Thief.

Asvaco demonstrates the flexibility of its Computer Assessment Tool (CAT). The LAPD is setting another trend for a higher-level of professionalism by utilizing the CAT to create a Virtual Investigation. - Asvaco's software can be used in any application requiring assessment of an event, situation, or analytical necessity. The CAT was developed before the 9/11 tragedy and can fit nearly any need. See what it can do for the United States Department of Homeland Security.

(PRWEB) November 26, 2004 -- Virtual Investigations are the future standard for police investigations-today. The LAPD is very innovative and is setting yet another trend for a higher-level of professionalism by utilizing Asvaco's intelligent technology.

The CAT will allow the LAPD to capture the investigation and include all media and hypermedia into one sophisticated virtual investigation report.

Asvaco's CAT can be used in any application requiring assessment of an event, situation, or analytical necessity. Asvaco developed the CAT software before the 9/11 tragedy. The CAT can fit nearly any need.

Asvaco also completed preliminary testing of Version 6.1 of its versatile and innovative CAT. with what first responders needed-now.

Asvaco has produced an easy to use Computer Assessment Tool (CAT) through its impending release of Version 6.1. The CAT is ready to equip all City, State, and Federal Government First Responders with the all-inclusive CAT at an unprescedented per capita offer. Asvaco is actively seeking city, state, and federal first responder clients.

Asvaco is prepared to make the United States ready to respond to critical incidents by having all the pre-assessment, current situation assessment, and post critical analysis tools available at special-initial purchase offers.

Asvaco has a special per capita offer to cities, states, and the federal government. The federal goverment could purchase the CAT and make it available for all states for the price of one downtown Los Angeles office building. This is an unprescedented offer.

Asvaco wants to outfit each First Responder Agency with all the necessary components to have full interoperability and communication before, during, and after critical incidents.

Innovation: Global Mapping, Linking GPS, internet, Streaming Video, Spherical Video, and Text to Voice.

Integration: ASVACO's CAT offers seamless integration into Microsoft Office and with Groove, to form a securely shared information network. Groove, an Asvaco teaming partner is being used in many settings where secured information is a must. Asvaco has full interoperability.

Information: Statistical analysis, Carver Based Methodology Risk Analysis, dynamically created reporting and automatic generation of proactive multi-media plans all by simply answering the questions in the CAT.

Versatility: Asvaco's CAT can be used in a variety of industries or applications to monitor, measure, evaluate, and assess any type of function. Asvaco's CAT is being used by a major metropolitan police department in a high profile incident, as a virtual investigation tool. The analysis can be simple or as complex as the user wishes.

Unparalleled Service: We are committed to making America safer through technology and real-time management of disaster avoidance.

Imagine a city-wide usage by first responders with the Asvaco CAT, averting a disaster from having discovered all the points of disadvantage ahead of time, planning for the highest-risk potentials, and having identified them on the fly and immediately shared; or under calmer circumstances, in a system generated-hyper media report that can be shared with all the necessary players.

During an unfurling disaster, have all emergency responders linked together, sharing secured information into the CAT and routing emergency vehicles, supplies, and support wherever it is needed; coordinate real-time with all of the emergency facilities to maximize survivability of the injured; begin assessing damage at multiple locations on the spot; and most importantly, identify other hazards that could imperil emergency personnel or those needing assistance. Give immediate notification to authorities of the perpetrators and send their pictures immediately.

Asvaco can accept data from GPS systems to give the assessor a view from the sky, take it down to the streets, under the streets, and into buildings, with a 360 degree spherical view. Asvaco’s CAT enables these platforms to be used real time, or be assessed at the convenience of the user, generating statistical data and damage control assessments as sophisticated as the user wishes.

It is user friendly, and is used in a Microsoft Windows format that is already recognized by end users, making the software easier to use. The product is priced-right to be distributed to a wide variety of customers and clients with many, or few sites. ASVACO is adaptable to many other industries because of its intelligent assessment capabilities.

The Right Product. The Right Value. The Right Reasons.

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