Konservative Kryptonite? Liberal Indoctrination in the 21st Century

Article concerning liberal indoctrination in the 21st century.

(PRWEB) June 5, 2005 -- Now that the votes have been counted (multiple times in some states) and George W. Bush is the duly re-elected President of the United States of America, liberal indoctrination has stooped to a new low. While on spring break in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a group of College Republicans and other Appalachian Students went to Club Kryptonite for an evening of fun and indulgence. Unfortunately what they experienced was the epitome of liberal indoctrination.

Flava-Flav (spelling may be incorrect) was the guest rapper at this particular evenings festivities. As a country music fan myself, I opted to be the designated driver instead of being overpowered by the smell of stale beer and the sounds of explicit words being pawned off as music. What I heard on the drive back to the hotel truly brought on a new meaning to the term "shock and awe."

Instead of rapping, Flava-Flav used this mid-March night to express his political views in the most profound ways. With slogans like "F*@^ Bush," "War is not the answer," and "He ain't my president," Flava-Flav brought on a new wave of liberal indoctrination in the 21st Century. What should have been an evening of fun, drinking, dancing, and college guys trying to hook up with college girls was appropriately likened to "a motivational speaker in Church, but with a lot of cursing." I had wondered why I got my call to pick them up over an hour early. Apparently many club patrons left early after being filled with this hateful rhetoric.

Conservatives have to endure a lot on college campuses. Speaking from experience, I know how it's ok for you to voice an opinion, as long as it is in line with what the University wants you to say. Heaven forbid you have the audacity to question the powers that be. Rights are not guaranteed and more often than not, a campus conservative has to have outside sources (such as Accuracy in Academia or FIRE - or in my case members of the state legislature) intervene in order to be granted what is in the opinion of any sane person a fundamental right or freedom.

If liberals are so desperate that they must resort to attempted brainwashing of students in clubs, liberal indoctrination has reached a new low. It's not enough that they control between 70 and 90% of college professors, but they want to control our spring break as well? I think not. Conservatives are far too smart to be taken in by such pathetically low tactics. Id hope that clubs in spring break destinations think twice before hosting such a politically controversial guest. As for me, I'll be avoiding any future "concerts" given by Mr. Flava-Flav.

Alan Teitleman is a conservative columnist, political activist, and consultant from Monroe, N.C. He serves as the immediate past chair of the Appalachian State University College Republicans. He has worked on dozens of campaigns across North Carolina from school board to US Congress. Alan is a student at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC where he is a Political Science major with a minor in Community and regional planning. You can contact him at: www.AMTConsulting.com. Please feel free to forward this article in its entirety.

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Source  :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/6/prweb247895.htm