Returning Reservist Returns from Iraq Opens On-line Sports Business - will Send a Piece of Home to Military Members Overseas

John Lewandowski, Major, USAFR returned from Baghdad Iraq in December 2004 and has ventured into the world of e-Business. Pursuing his passion of Sports and Business Ownership, his business is growing at exponentially. Johnny Lew's Sports ( provides a different kind of excitement, but the new business is just as thrilling.

(PRWEB) June 17, 2005 -- Returning from two tours of duty to Iraq and Afghanistan Major John Lewandowski (USAFR) decided to pursue his passion, sports and owning a small business. He understood the same level of energy and non-stop adrenaline would be needed to start an on-line business.

Located in Western New York (WNY), Johnny Lew's Sports is flourishing. WNY is rich in sports culture with die hard Bills and Sabres fans. The Toronto Blue Jay's are not far away. The beauty of Johnny Lew's is it is 100% virtual. They ship anywhere in the country and serve NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA sports fanatics ( Because they don't maintain a brick and mortar store their overhead is low and they can offer products at great prices, most times below what a sports fan would pay at a local retail shop.

Probably the biggest service Johnny Lew's provides is the displaced fan. The Chicago Bear diehard that now resides in Dallas. You can't find any Bear's items in Cowboy territiory. The solution; on-line order with Johnny Lew's. Now your Team is delivered right to your door.

A part of John Lewandowski is still with the soldiers who are serving away from home. Please go to, send him an email and Johnny Lew's Sports will send a soldier a piece of their favorite team as a Thank YOU for their service.

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