Executive Speech Coach Offers Free Coaching to National Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean to Alleviate Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome

Harrison Monarth, head of GuruMaker School of Professional Speaking, an executive speech and presentations coaching firm, has offered to coach Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean free of charge to help him get his message across more effectively without offending and alienating large segments of the population with his battle-rhetoric

Denver, CO (PRWEB) June 9, 2005 -- Howard Dean seems to have a foot fetish. Because lately, he either shoots himself in the proverbial foot or inserts it in his mouth, depending on whom you ask. Dean's been making several highly controversial and explosive statements of late as he tacks label after provocative label on all things Republican.

"As a communications coach I cringe when I see public officials and executives sabotage their intended message by ‘spiking’ it with offensive rhetoric. The next step is often damage-control, requiring them to backpedal and explain what they 'really meant' with their comments, as Howard Dean had to do on every major news program recently," says Harrison Monarth, executive speech coach and head of Denver, Colorado-based communications training firm GuruMaker.

Howard Dean, the outspoken Chairman of the Democratic Party, made headlines again yesterday by observing out loud that Republicans are "pretty much a white, Christian party." This latest 'Dean-ism' came just days after another controversial comment when he told an audience at the liberal Campaign for America's Future that Republicans "never made an honest living in their lives."

GuruMaker President Harrison Monarth has spontaneously offered to provide Howard Dean with free private speech coaching sessions, to help him maintain the credibility and trust his public office inspires. Says Monarth, “We would like to show him a communications strategy that would still enable him to 'rally his base' and win hearts and minds with his message, but without having to resort to counterproductive rhetorical tactics like name-calling and 'labeling.' “Clearly,” adds Monarth, “Howard Dean’s attack-language often backfires as he’s had to dig himself from one hole out of another in the last few weeks.”

The coaches at the high-impact GuruMaker School of Professional Speaking have worked with thousands of clients, from corporate executives and industry professionals to entrepreneurs and political candidates, on crafting and presenting powerful messages. Effective coaching in the art of persuasive communication can help speakers avoid potential PR nightmares resulting from a 'slip of the tongue' or ‘out of context’ casual comments, while helping them deliver their intended message with strong impact to their audiences.    

According to John Coals, Director of Client Relations at GuruMaker, "Clients often come to us because they are concerned about making fools of themselves or appearing incompetent in front of important audiences, "but" he continues, "we also get a great number of executives that know they have to be absolutely spectacular in their speaking- and presentation skills in order to achieve their ambitious career and business objectives." He adds, "We are vigorous about coaching people to become successful communicators, so we decided to extend this offer to Chairman Dean, and help him communicate his ideas in a passionate and fair manner, without damaging his credibility."

For more information on how executives and public officials can prepare a communications strategy and deliver their message with clarity and impact, visit www.gurumaker.com.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/6/prweb249601.htm