Eclipse Certifies HexaLock’s new Virtual Digital Hologram (VDH) Copy Protection Technology

CD’s containing HexaLock's VDH technology have proven to be 100% resistant to all copying methods known, thus providing publishers with unsurpassed copy protection and security for their CD-R and CD-ROM discs.

Pleasanton, CA / Basking Ridge, NJ (PRWEB) May 25, 2005 -- Eclipse announced today that they have certified the HexaLock Virtual Digital Hologram (VDH) CD copy protection plug-in for use within their EclipseSuite Software and ImageEncoder Formatter.

“We have been working with HexaLock for some time,” said Bob Edmonds, Eclipse VP of Sales and Marketing. “We have provided support for the HexaLock Plug-in within our CD mastering Product Suite for over two years. We have now fully certified HexaLock’s upgraded Virtual Digital Hologram copy protection technology for use with Eclipse Suite Version 4.0, and the Eclipse Image Encoder. This will give our replicator customers a new solution to address publisher concerns regarding piracy and unauthorized content copying.”

“The integration of our current CD copy protection solutions within the EclipseSuite Software Module has gone very well. The products fit seamlessly and work automatically, within current CD manufacturing operations,” said John Stevens, HexaLock VP, Business Development. “Our new solutions also incorporate HexaLock technology within the Eclipse Image Encoder. HexaLock’s 4th generation copy protection introduces a new security element called Virtual Digital Hologram (VDH), which is being applied to both CD-ROMs and CD-RX, v. 4.0 discs. VDH technology has been in use for the last year exclusively within the military and government sectors. To date, CD’s containing VDH technology have proven to be 100% resistant to all copying methods known to HexaLock and its customers. This, combined with our new Content Protection Wizard, allowing PDF, HTML, MPEG and MP-3 files to be protected, has greatly enhanced the capabilities of HexaLock technology.”

The VDH security element is a digital hologram, formed by special bit patterns that provide a “Hologram Effect” to the CD/DVD reading device. When making a copy of an original protected disc the VDH pattern will disappear. Instead, a static bit pattern will appear. The HexaLock software will detect absence the VDH pattern and act accordingly. CD replicators interested in learning more about, or becoming authorized resellers of HexaLock solutions, should contact HexaLock at

About HexaLock
HexaLock develops and markets copy protection and digital rights management solutions worldwide. Headquartered in Shefayim, Israel, HexaLock opened its US offices in 2001. HexaLock CD Copy Protection, Version 4.1, released May 2005, offers the latest is copy protection technology for both CD-ROMs and CD-Rs. These innovative solutions for intellectual property protection offer content owners new and highly effective options to address their digital asset management requirements.

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