is Registered and being Auctioned on eBay

Controversial Democrat, Howard Dean, has apparently drawn enough attention to himself that a domain has been registered for Republicans to help keep him as Chairman. has been registered and is getting lots of attention on the popular online auction site eBay.

Abilene, TX (PRWEB) June 16, 2005 -- Due to the hottest political topic sweeping the Country in regard to Democratic Chairman Dean, the domain has been registered by Jay Wester and is now being auctioned on "Howard Dean's continuous degrading and derogatory comments about Replublicans have been making headlines in the media for over a week. Since displaying this outrageous behavior directed at smearing the work and character of Replublicans, it's been said that he is helping, not hurting the Republican party." Wester said.

"After listening to the intelligent and insightful commentary of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Chris Matthews and others, I wanted to create awareness for those Americans that quite possibly haven't heard Howard Dean's comments. was registered and is now live online and redirected to After seeing this, I acted very quickly and registered the domain. I wouldn't be surprised if the domain auction reached $10,000.00 and quite possibly be obtained by a group of Democrats to stop the current media nose bleed and possible message forum for the Republican Party that could be created with the domain." Wester said.

When asked about the possibility of this being a national story, he laughed and said, "Well if Fox News were to call us, I'd have to tell them that Juliette Huddy would be the one to do the interview because she's hot and I like her shoes." "But I doubt it gets that kind of coverage" Wester continued while laughing.

This domain auction has already caused quite a stir over the internet and in online message forums. It has even been featured on the home page of, a website devoted to weird, unusual and over the top online auctions. "Your auction has been added to the main page of WEIRDEBAY. Great auction! We will be watching. Good luck!" Chaz Kraynak, Vice President of said.

You can read about what has apparently been recognized by the Democratic party as a very dangerous means of awareness that could be brought about by the Republicans by visiting the popular online auction house The eBay auction for the is listed in the computer>domains section of eBay and it ends Monday June 20th at 3:00pm EST.

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