US Opportunities

     America is the land of opportunity. This country is full of great ways to better
our lives. There are many different kinds of opportunities we can use to improve
the quality of our living conditions. For example, there are many public school
systems here, as well as the many college opportunities we are offered. This
country is also a great place to find adventure, or just have a good time
playing sports or exercising. Something else that is great about our country is
our fantastic government system. Whether it's Federal, State, or Local
government; ours is one to be proud of. America offers the most to any kind of
person, no matter who you are or what you enjoy. In America there is an
unbelievable amount of ways to learn. There is a public school system where
anyone can go to school, Kindergarten through twelfth grade. If you want to
further your education by going to college, there is a great variety of schools
you could go to. If you want to be a doctor there are specific schools designed
to teach people how to be doctors. Some colleges are good at different sports,
and some are incredible acedemically, some schools are well-known for their
drama programs or other things. Most schools offer scholarships to those who
excel in specific areas. Scholarships are a good way to get financial aid if you
can't or don't want to pay for college. If you're looking for action and
adventure, you've come to the right place. America is the greatest place to kick
back and have a good time. You could ski the icy slopes of the Rocky Mountains
in Utah and Colorado, or you could surf and lay out on the sandy beaches of

Hawaii or California. You could go crabbing on the rocky coast of Maine, or go
ice fishing on a barren lake in the nippy weather of Alaska. Different places
around the country offer a variety of seminars if you're looking for
instruction, or you could read up on the subject before braving the great
outdoors by yourself. Many people also enjoy sports. In Utah, there are all
kinds of sports programs designed for people of all ages. This is a great place
to come whether you're looking for sports action or outdoor adventure. Some
might worry about the quality of our government. Despite the recent problems our
president has had, the government is nothing to worry about. The local
government is here to help us in any way needed. The local government helps us
out with our school systems, roads, and many other things. The Federal
government helps pass laws to make our states and towns better for us. All in
all, the government is still going just as strong as they were in the beginning
in 1776. Taking all the factors into consideration, I think America is the
greatest place on earth to live. No matter what you want to do, where and when
you want to do it; you can probably find it here. Whether you want to further
your education, find a passion in some sort of outdoor adventure, or discover
the mystery behind our government, this country is where you'll want to be.

America truly is the land of opportunity.