Inside Unlimited Energy - In 2022 Singapore was Run by a Super Woman Desperate to Solve a Pollution and Energy Crisis

Set against the Luxurious background of the Ritz-Carlton Singapore and new Super-High towers a Dragon Lady sits at the top of a 2 mile-high City and summons a super thinker from the past to solve a pollution and looming energy crisis. Written for all sexes.

(PRWEB) June 18, 2005 -- Ash, the trouble-shooter from the past, has enormous emotional baggage because of his addiction to a fully interactive Tri-Di Avatar that he has constructed to replace the loss of the love of his life.[ intro, on

In 2022 Singapore he quickly becomes involved with an anonymous and extremely amorous companion whose attentions stimulate him to find an amazing solution to the pollution crisis caused by greedy Landowners burning off forests. Since imprisoned for Environmental theft. 'Pollution is Environmental Theft' is the motto of the time.

Ash is teamed up with a beautiful and newly created Animate with an immense intelligence, but no experience of life. Once he has shown her how the World works they become close companions and a complex relationship develops with the animate being able to live inside Ash’s head and control him to enhance his many abilities, including those that bring a totally new meaning to the expression, 'Love Triangle'.

The emotional development by Ash, of the animate through childhood to becoming a woman-child and then a fully developed woman is thought provoking.

Their first quest is to get rid of the pollution, and after many attempts Ash discovers a way at the eleventh hour when he is indulging in some play on top of the tall tower.

The second quest is to find a source of renewable energy which is safe to transport anywhere and under any conditions. The final solution is found by metaphorically bottling Australia’s sunlight to form a non-gaseous pollution free substance that can be burnt over and over again.

Against this background there is always intrigue, conspiracy and jealousy from Power Companies and others that this new product will affect.

The adventure takes the reader around the World, and off-World from Singapore to Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Canada, the USA, Mars, plus of course Australia, the source of renewable energy. Using today’s science makes this solution entirely possible.

The book explains many modern sciences in an easy to understand way and is a positive look at, and search for, people that can tell us how to change the World.

The Author has written ‘Unlimited Energy’ for women as well as men and hopes that the book is enjoyed by all. Sex scenes are tastefully written, even those using mind control.

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Book - Unlimited Energy
Author - T Ray Deal
Publisher - iUniverse
ISBN - 0-595-33897-6
Published - 1st June 2005

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