Hairwork Gifts are Popular This Mother's Day

Hairwork is the Victorian art of weaving hair from a loved one into fashionable jewelry. The on-line company Hairlooms offers custom made hairwork. Children and grandchildren have their hair woven into a personal memento for mom.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) April 11, 2005 -- Hairwork is the Victorian art of weaving hair from a loved one into fashionable jewelry. Hairwork was a popular craft during the 1800's. It was common to keep a lock of hair from a friend or loved one who was far away or perhaps even deceased. Men would carry a pocket watch chain made from their wives hair during the civil war. Hairwork fell out of fashion at the turn of the last century with the advent of photography. Since that time the art has been nearly forgotten and there are very few artists in the world who still create it.

The company Hairlooms (found on the web at has been seeing a steady increase of interest in the art of Hairwork. Owner and hairwork artist Katie Mello says: "When you wear hairwork you know a part of that person is with you. Hairwork is so personal, it is unlike anything else."

Hairwork is once again is a popular gift for Mothers Day. Children or grandchildren have their hair woven into custom jewelry for their mothers and grandmothers. Hairwork is a wonderful conversation starter, affording the opportunity to talk about family.

Mothers day is not just about people with children. Today pets can also be an important part of the family. Hairlooms offers beautiful designs specifically for displaying pet fur. All Hairlooms designs can be made with any length of hair.

Mello explains that wearing hairwork can be quite therapeutic. "People tell me that their Hairloom helps them feel closer to those who are far away." With family and loved ones traveling for work, or even going off to war it is important to keep connections to those you love

With digital video and photography now providing us with most of our images and memories of loved ones, Mello feels her Hairlooms can serve as important permanent tangible reminders of those we hold most dear. has been operating since 2001. Creating personalized jewelry, as well as obtaining and restoring historical hairwork. Photographs and more information on the history of hairwork can be found on the web site. Hairlooms owner Katie Mello has been a professional artist since 1998.

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