Everest Burial Products Announces New Great Spirit II Plastic Burial Vault

Everest Burial Products has just announced the release of their newly designed, much anticipated plastic burial vault, the Great Spirit II. Everest Plastik, Inc. has proven its superiority in the engineering of the Great Spirit II. With its elegant appearance it is proving to be a winner for the industry and the consumer as well.

Tracadie Sheila, NB (PRWEB) January 11, 2005 -- The Great Spirit II burial vault is being manufactured using a rotational moulding technique to ensure consistent uniformity as well as superior durability. All plastic components are made of pure polyethylene and contain no additives or by-products.

The distinctive design of the Great Spirit II is fabricated in two sections. The vault can then be stacked to maximize the use of shipping and storage space. Other characteristics of the burial vault include the specially designed vault base that enables effortless strap release. The burial vault also features an easy top to base interlocking system.

For maximum watertightness, Everest Burial Products has developed a unique fluid seal. Made of polyurethane, it is odorless and does not adhere to skin. This gelatinous product is not affected by temperature variations. Once the two vault sections are closed, the seal ensures complete watertightness also eliminating the infiltration of air and insects. This assures the utmost care and peace of mind of enclosing the casketed remains of a loved one within the grave.

The Great Spirit II Burial Vault does not require any particular attachments or tools. Therefore, it is extremely easy to work with. At an approximate weight of only 88 lbs., the Great Spirit II provides easy handling and manageability without compromising load strength.

Everest is presently locating Distributors throughout the United States. For additional information on the Great Spirit II Burial Vault visit http://www.eburialvault.com or contact Robert crotts at (336)616-0851:

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/1/prweb196037.htm