The NEW NEPOTISM - A Good Thing? Adam Bellow interview now available on FAMILY BUSINESS EXPERTS web site.

In an interview with FAMILY BUSINESS EXPERTS, the highly ranked Internet resource for family-owned businesses, author and editor Adam Bellow explains how his book provides surprising new perspectives on the "problem" of Nepotism.

(PRWEB) April 13, 2004--In an interview with FAMILY BUSINESS EXPERTS, author and editor Adam Bellow explains how his book provides surprising new perspectives on the “problem” of nepotism.

“Nepotism works, it feels good, and is generally the right thing to do,” writes Adam Bellow in his book, In Praise of Nepotism: A Natural History (Doubleday). Bellow, the son of famous novelist Saul Bellow, granted FBE an interview to discuss how his recent book sheds light on the changing role of nepotism in family businesses.

“With the new nepotism, parents no longer pick up the phone and pull strings,” Bellow explains. “Instead, it’s the children themselves who decide this on their own and they find their own way to exploit those connections.”

Adam Bellow is editor-at-large with Doubleday and considers his first attempt as an author a timely one, given the surprising fact that no book had yet been written on the subject. For families in business, who may be struggling with issues and misperceptions about unfair nepotistic practices, Bellow’s book provides both historical and sociological insight that can help clear the air. In Nepotism, Bellow describes the trend in America toward a new nepotism that is both natural and beneficial to the company’s success.

“Nepotism is a fault-line issue,” says Bellow, “especially in America where our practices are at variance with our principles. That’s why we want it left alone. People don’t want to acknowledge how much nepotism plays a role in their own lives. We want to think of ourselves as self-made men and women. People in other parts of the world don’t understand that. They ask why Americans put parents in old folks homes and children move thousands of miles away and allow our families to fall apart.”

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Don Schwerzler, a nationally recognized family business consultant and founder of the Family Business Institute, highly recommends Adam Bellow's book - a "must read" for every family in business together as well as for those who provide professional services to family-owned businesses.

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