UBiee Team Spawns Global Harmonic Circle of Friendship

Offering hope beyond the worst personal conditions, UBiee Team’s harmonic trio of business opportunities reaches out to friends around the world by offering a safe harbor to make money, save money, and protect our environment.

(PRWEB) May 27, 2005 -- Friends sharing with friends global eBusiness opportunities that create a harmonic healthy welfare circle of friendship – that is what the UBiee Team is all about. The ever-widening range of leveraged global business opportunities now engulfs transportation and two communications products and services.

Offering hope beyond the worst personal conditions, UBiee Team’s harmonic trio of business opportunities reaches out to friends around the world by offering a safe harbor to make money, save money, and protect our environment.

On May 13, 2005, TMCnet News reported that, “Rising Gasoline Prices Worry Majority of U.S. Workers, According to Monster Poll; 77 percent of those surveyed say gas prices affect their job search and willingness to commute.”

In an article written by staff writer, Ron Scherer, of The Christian Science Monitor, “The price of gasoline has begun a springtime surge that experts believe will push it to a national average of $2.50 a gallon by Memorial Day.”

It is the view of the American Express Financial Corporation, Equity Market Update for April 2005, the “Record high oil prices of $57 a barrel, increasing signs of higher overall inflation and slower-than-expected job growth…” have taken “…a toll on investor confidence in March and the first quarter of 2005.” They further stated that “…speculation increased that a global supply shock might lead to even higher oil prices.” It was further noted that “Gasoline prices hit $3 a gallon in some areas on the West Coast.”

The most recent addition, the UBiee PowerPill Fe-3, offers the global community personal savings by not only improving the environment, but also by economizing fuel consumption while conditioning engines. The UBiee PowerPill Fe-3 business opportunity provides a three-prong approach to healthy welfare.

Savings by maximizing fuel economy, increased mileage of up to 42% per tank, conditioning and cleaning carburetors, injectors, and entire fuel system, lubricating valves, and ability to integrate with both gasoline or diesel engines.

Global Environmental Impact addresses the six major air pollutant gases: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, and hydrocarbons (benzene, terpene,etc.). These gases have significant environmental and health impacts.

The UBiee PowerPill Fe-3 reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 78% for carbon monoxide, 73% for smoke pollutants, and 23% for hydrocarbon emissions. It is made of non-toxic, all natural formulation, with 100% active ingredients and improves fuel combustion by enabling engines to burn completely with absolutely no residue left

Global Business Opportunity offers personalized websites, free VoIP with active licenses, global internet marketing rights, and live 24/7 support with personal training.

OVUM Research submitted projections for the new era of communication known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). “The consumer VoIP market is forecast to grow from almost 16 million users at the end of 2004 to 197 million users at the end of 2008…Total revenues will rise from just over $1 billion in 2004 to just over $15 billion in 2008.”

AT&T Corporation, the industry behemoth that started the telephone business in the 1870s, describes internet telephones as a "…communications tidal wave…”, and that “VoIP traffic is projected to account for approximately 75% of the world’s voice traffic by 2007”.

Seattle venture capitalist, Greg Gottesman, calls it "…one of the most important changes in communications in the past 100 years."

The union of 3WTel Superior VoIP and the UBiee team has provided global community savings with its highly leveraged communication business opportunity.

The 3WTel Superior VoIP communication global business opportunity creates savings of up to 80% on calls from PC to telephones or mobile phones, free global communication PC to PC between subscribers 24/7, and includes eTools, eLearning for the entire family, and software packages.

Global Business Opportunity offers personalized websites, dial up capability, as well as satellite, wireless or cable, and optimally secure lines on proprietary patented technology.

According to Avaya, Inc. on May 9, 2005, business communications applications is projected to reach “$30 billion by 2006”.

An article written by John P. Mello, Jr. in CFO Magazine, entitled Techniques and Technologies for Limiting Soaring Travel Costs, stated that the cost of business travel is “skyrocketing”. When considering air fares, food, lodging, rentals, etc., alternatives are a much sought after commodity.

Hot Conferencing software with the UBiee Team provides yet another business opportunity that incorporates tremendous savings with a global impact. It is the newest, and fastest growing economical way to do business, hold family reunions, communicate in large numbers, etc.

Savings is experienced by elminating travel expenses for business meetings, optimizing employee productivity with unnecessary travel time, savings on lodging, food, and entertainment expenses, and elimination of long distance charges.

Global Environmental Impact relieves need for travel, thus eliminating environmental pollution resulting from various modes of transportation.

Global Business Opportunity offers 24/7 global online meeting room to share business presentations, photos, etc., instantly, including professional business presentation tools such as white board, web browser, PowerPoint module, etc. for professional presentations. Incorporating web cam capability, unlimited seating, real time voice and text communication, it is an honest win-win opportunity.

Caring beyond business, the UBiee Team’s vision and commitment to relieve poverty in the world, protect our environment, and create a healthy welfare for everyone, is evident in their ever-widening range of global opportunity businesses.

The synergy of online Hot Conference, 3WTel Superior VoIP, and UBiee Team’s latest global business, the UBiee PowerPill Fe-3, promises a brighter financial future for all. The UBiee Team’s universal circle of friendship continues to extend a welcome hand to all who desire to change their financial destiny.

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