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Work at home opportunities are numerous all over the internet, but only a selective few are legitimate. SurveyScout provides a work at home opportunity for anybody who wants freedom and a prosperous financial future. SurveyScout has been ranked high in all reviews and is #1 for work at home opportunities.

(PRWEB) May 4, 2005 --, a website that was launched through SurveyScout, gives users the opportunity to see a steady and growing income just by providing opinions to market research companies right from the comfort of your own home.

“Few people know that companies are willing to pay good money to get good, thoughtful responses to their market research,” says Jason Taylor of SurveyScout. “ shows you how putting in your two cents can be worth much, much more." (which is available at draws upon SurveyScout's extensive database of marketing research companies, weeding out the chaff from the grain. Once the short sign up form is completed then users instantly gain access to the database setting themselves on the road to a comfortable financial future. users can get paid to take online surveys, making between $5 and $75 per survey. They can also participate in focus groups (up to $150 an hour), take phone surveys (up to $120 an hour), try new products for free, and preview film trailers for between $4 and $25 an hour.

Users can even try the service as a test drive; by just signing up with a name and email ID, they receive special access to 15 of the paid survey site lists, so that they can earn money and come back for more., moreover, offers prompt and thorough customer support, as well as tips and strategies.

“This is a great but very little-known source of income that has been reliably tapped by our existing users,” says Taylor. “And there are still plenty of companies and opportunities out there to put you on track to instant wealth.”

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About SurveyScout
SurveyScout which is located at offers a database of over 500 legitimate marketing research companies that gives people a chance to earn cash incentives for their opinions and time. SurveyScout provides people with excellent sources of income for participating in online surveys, phone surveys and focus groups. The web site is ranked higher than any other paid online survey companies because of its extensive database and prompt customer support. For more information, please visit

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