Decrease Conflict/Increase Communication Bridging Gender Differences elearning course: Men & Women Working Together

What can your organization do to reduce gender conflict in the workplace? A good place to start is with education. You can help your employees recognize and appreciate similarities and differences in gender culture and perspectives and provide them with tools and resources that will help improve cross-gender communication and effectiveness.

(PRWEB) May 24, 2005 -- Reasons to consider gender initiatives and the elearning course:
The Diversity Academy elearning division of the Scottsdale National Gender Institute offers “Bridging Gender Differences©” a 60 minute web based elearning program designed to:
1.Reduce Gender Conflict and increase retention
2.Improve male/female communication for more productive work teams
3.Attract both women and men that will add value to your company

Women and men really want the same things from their work environment, but with all the knowledge we have about gender differences we have created an atmosphere of confusion. The elearning course Bridging Gender Differences will clear up the confusion about gender differences so people can move from understanding to application.

There are several reasons to consider this course: one is to reduce gender conflict and increase retention of your best employees. Another reason is so improve male/female communication for more productive work teams and most importantly is to attract both women and men to work at your company.

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