Are You Distracting Your Website Visitors?

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 24, 2005 -- When you're trying to make sales from a website, the fewer distractions, the better. Unfortunately, most website owners don't realize this.

Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, in their new book "Call To Action," explain that website sales can be lost, simply because the customer's attention was drawn away from taking action now. The co-authors describe these costly distractions—and what website owners should do instead.

Here's just one example: when the creative used in the advertising that leads to the website is not the same as the creative used on the website itself. It's less confusing for customers to see the same headline and, if possible, the same colors when moving down the intended sales path.

"I'm also amazed at how much stuff people jam on their websites...stuff that gets in the way of the selling process," says Bryan Eisenberg. "You're just asking for the customer to be distracted. Instead, you should strip away everything that doesn't contribute directly to converting the customer."

This includes some of the sacred cows of "good" websites like site navigation, company bios, and other offers for products or services. Eisenberg adds that there are plenty of opportunities to cross-sell or up-sell later, but if you don’t make the first sale, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Finally, customers get distracted by long forms, especially ones that ask for too much information. They don't like to type. They don't like pull-down menus. They get suspicious when you ask for their e-mail, their age or their income.

Bryan Eisenberg and Jeffrey Eisenberg are co-founders of Future Now, Inc., a marketing boutique focused on helping clients convert their website's traffic into leads, customers and sales by applying Persuasion Architecture, copywriting, usability and web analytics to design, redesign and optimize websites and other online marketing efforts. Future Now, Inc. has helped clients such as Dell, GE Volvo, Overstock & Disney.

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