™ Launches Innovative Home Business Outsourcing Service for Building Passive Extra Income's We Guarantee to Build Your Business!™ program brings a solution to home business, MLM and Internet marketing problems.

Jackson, MI (PRWEB) May 24, 2005 --, a GRPMAX, L.L.C. Website, combined a decade of experience in developing home business training and systems with High-Technology expertise and three years of Internet development and testing to create an innovative system called We Guarantee to Build Your Business!, allowing anyone to build a profitable business and passive extra income as easily as shopping at online sites like, Netflix, or Orbitz.

For years, many have claimed that statistics from the SBA (Small Business Administration) indicate that more than 80% of new businesses fail within the first five years. Home business and MLM failure statistics can seem even higher because the low entry costs mean many more people attempt such businesses. That factor, combined with a lack of effective training and resources and the fact that few people have prior experience when they start, results in a high frustration and failure rate. For instance, not everyone can start a McDonald's restaurant franchise even if they have the money; and rigorous screening and training processes and standardized systems make success a predictable outcome and failure unlikely. In contrast, almost anyone over the age of 18 can gain entry to a typical home business opportunity.

"We help people from all walks of life and every socioeconomic level. However, by design attracts a high percentage of professional people and 6-figure earners looking for a way to create passive extra income," says Phil Covington, Founder of "While the training, tools, and resources are available to help a person grow a successful home business most people are unaware of the right techniques, and with today's busy lifestyles many people don't have the time. We also get a fair number of executives and business owners interested in creating a hedge against industry downturns, company downsizing, etc. A profitable home business involves very little expense to start and offers potentially very high earnings, so there isn't much to lose and a lot to gain."'s first goal is to build someone's business so that they start earning money within 90 days. This is critical because the #1 reason that people drop out of most home businesses is that they never even manage to earn $300. At the other end of the scale even people who do manage to create fairly sizable incomes, earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month, often find that it requires too much time and effort or too much money.'s We Guarantee To Build Your Business!™ allows professionals and individuals to enjoy the same benefits of outsourcing that savvy corporations do, but on a scale that is affordable to anyone. manages all of the tools, technologies, and resources, such as Websites, marketing, advertising, email, training, and more, that are required to enable you to build a money making business completely hands off, with others doing the work for you. Says Covington, "This is completely different from the countless opportunities on the Internet claiming to be '100% automated' but in reality require users to send out emails, make phone calls, and to try to 'sell' to people on the other end."

The advantages of such a hands-off system are so obvious to people who learn about it that has had to continually scale its systems to keep up with demand. The true beginnings of the We Guarantee To Build Your Business!™ program started in the mid 1990s and helped thousands to become successful, and was adapted to the Internet in 2003. After continual improvement the program as it is now was made available in the fall of 2004. Covington explained, "In that little time we went from people just wanting to grow 'hobby size' businesses, maybe a few hundred extra dollars a month, to people placing very large orders in our system to grow businesses large enough to replace their current incomes or to have money for retirement. These are people who want to be able to quit what they are currently doing and retire early."

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About™ is out to change the way that individuals start, grow, and manage home businesses by enabling anyone to create a completely hands-off passive extra income via its exclusive We Guarantee To Build Your Business!™ program.

About Phil Covington and GRPMAX, L.L.C.
GRPMAX, L.L.C. was founded by CEO Phil Covington in 1979 and is the parent company of GRPMAX specializes in developing Uniquely Innovative Technologies & Solutions™ and has worked with clients ranging from small business, to government, to the Fortune 500. Specifically, GRPMAX creates solutions that automate processes that previously required human staffing and interaction. Mr. Covington's interest in the home business field started in the 1980s and developed out of relationships with some of the industry's most talented and highest earning individuals, during which time he has actively pursued the creation of the ultimate home business passive income solution.

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