From Wolverine to Superman, Artist Kenneth Landgraf Joins Family Bones Comic Book

King Tractor Press signs artist Ken Landgraf to ink "Family Bones" comic book. Based on the true story of Ray and Faye Copeland, the story is told through the eyes of their punk nephew.

(PRWEB) May 16, 2005 -- Kenneth Landgraf has begun inking on "Family Bones", a comic book adapted from Shawn Granger's screenplay of the same name. Based on actual events, it's the story of the elderly serial killers Ray and Faye Copeland as seen through the eyes of their unwitting nephew who stays with them one summer.

Kenneth Landgraf's resume includes many A-List comic book titles, including Wolverine, Superman, Hawkgirl, Nightwing, and Conan from both DC and Marvel studios. His addition to the Family Bones team brings not only years of experience, but considerable talent to an already capable group. Ken's addition to Family Bones has helped raise awareness to the upcoming series.

Orlando Baez, who penciled of Family Bones, said "Working with Ken is like working with a genius in comic book storytelling." He said of Ken's extensive work "He is very knowledgeable in sequential work, due to his long working experience with major companies like Marvel and DC. From his experience, I have gained a lot of understanding in drawing comics."

"I admit that Ken intimidated me at first" said Family Bones' writer Shawn Granger, "and he still does. How could I not be awed by such an amazing talent? I'm extremely lucky that he's working on a book that I wrote. So far on Family Bones, the pairing of Orlando and Ken is like a comic book Dream Team. The art is amazing and I think fans are going to be a little shocked at how great it is."

King Tractor Press will be releasing "Family Bones" in late summer/early fall. Itís one of three titles currently announced for their initial fall series. Also being released are "Innocent" and "Gene Gardens". King Tractor Press the publishing arm of King Tractor Films,

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