From Creativity to Productivity - New Program Speeds Ideas to Market by Exposing the Creative Process, Keeping Both Right and Left Brained Thinkers Happy

The traditional Mind Map, developed by Tony Buzan, has lead the creative thinking industry, while products like IdeaFisher's Associative Thinking programs ignite the creative spark in a random fashion. Now RichContent hopes to expand on those concepts by blending a new word and image association tool called eXpertLingo with a linear collector and visualizer called eXpertSystem. The end result is both wildy creative and organized for increased productivity.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) April 26, 2005 -- While mind maps and the mindmapping process continue to help thousands of individuals and global organizations visualize their thinking processes, RichContent has taken a turn to clarify the final results. Their new programs help critical thinking by stimulating the mind with associative words and images, while collecting these elements in a linear presentation. The end result is a clear path through the normally messy thinking process, while completely supporting and enhancing the creative spark.

"We've invested the last 5 years clarifying the process of getting individuals from Creativity to Productivity. Our programs allow creatives to tap associative thinking processes in words and pictures, while effortlessly assembling their creative processinto a linear presentation. And that's the key to an effective hand-off of an idea, allowing the technicians to turn it into a valuable product." says Mark Alan Effinger, CEO of Exitpath Corporation and, makers of eXpertSystem and eXpertLingo brainstorming solutions. "We believe we've closed the gap between those two typically conflicting points by providing a fun, very intelligent creativity engine with an automated collector for those ideas. We then grafted-on a simple presentation program to share those ideas in a linear form, so anyone can make sense of the thinking process the creative took to get from Point A to Point Z. So the creatives can stay creative, and elegantly get their ideas to the people who can make them happen."

The solutions provided by consist of four separate but integrated components:
1) A "stream of consciousness" word association tool, with 144,000 words and phrases arranged by threads of commonalties, and

2) A 250,000 (and growing) image repository arranged by keywords, so adding images to word associations is a snap.

3) A linear "collector" that acts as the organizer of the creative process. It assembles each thought, idea or concept as an individual item, which can have words, images, links and comments. Once assembled, the final product can be output as a protected file that can be read on any computer; a SlideShow presentation from the integrated Presenter; a Copyright and branded printed page or a web page, also with brand and copyright attached.

4) An Outlining system that takes thousands of topic-specific queries and comments and provides a fast, elegant assembler for these idea-stimulating questions.

The combined program is called eXpertSystem, with the eXpertLingo creativity engine.

The Windows XP and Mac OSX application is less than 5 megabytes, and is provided as a free download from the website.

"If you're looking to expand on your creative process, and are familiar with Mind Mapping and other creativity programs, we believe you'll find eXpertSystem to be an excellent accompanyment to your toolbox" mentions Eric Kinney, Head of Engineering and Vertical markets. "It's a blazingly fast way to explore a concept, or grab one from mid-air. We routinely hear from clients developing 11th-hour presentations in minutes with eXpertSystem that would typically have had them watching the sunrise after pulling an all-nighter. We like to think of it as your "portable shower", the familiar place where many great ideas come together".

The eXpertSystem+eXpertLingo program, along with two eXpertTopic modules is being offered for $99 through, and selected educational and productivity software resellers. is the strategic development channel for eXpertSystem programs. The company was founded in 1998 to leverage internet and software applications into "Rich Content", the valuable output of ideas and "individual intellect" turned into products and services that enhance lives and improve the way we work. eXpertSystem+eXpertLingo is the resulting application from the companys years of research into the creative process. We can be reached at or 949-903-1987.

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