Forensic Technology Offers New Hope for Deleted Book Manuscripts

The Midwest Literary Underground now offers manuscript recovery service to authors, publishers and poets.

(PRWEB) May 1, 2005 -- Virtually all manuscripts created today are stored on computer media where one wrong click can delete months or years of creativity. So what happens when a book, manuscript, poem or illustration is accidentally deleted? Now there is help. The Midwest Literary Underground helps authors, poets and publishers recover lost, damaged, and deleted manuscripts. MLU employs advanced forensic-level processes, the same techniques used by the nationís crime fighting agencies to uncover computer-based evidence.

The Midwest Literary Underground can recover lost books, poetry, manuscripts, illustrations and other files that have been deleted or destroyed as a result of computer viruses, accidental disk formats, fdisk, software failure, corrupt partitions, corrupt FAT, damaged Master File Tables and other disk failures. MLU can recover files from virtually any media including hard disks, floppy disks, zip disks, CD, DVD, from FAT and NTSF volumes.

Now there is hope for lost manuscripts, books, poetry, and illustrations. Authors and publishers can contact MLU at 402-762-5110 or email e-mail protected from spam bots for more information.

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