Feisty Author Issues Challenge

Timothy’s Take-Out” is probably more of an underdog than it cares to acknowledge. It has arisen seemingly out of nowhere to become a viable contender for “Novel of the Year”.

(PRWEB) May 24, 2005 -- Author Paul J. Barker is taking dead aim at the top publishing houses these days, defying them to turn out a novel as pleasurable to read as his own. He freely admits that his “Timothy’s Take-Out” (which could just as easily have been titled, “Fear and Loathing Behind the Counter of a Fast Food Joint”) is the product of too many years spent serving deranged customers whilst mollycoddling employees whose own pets had better work ethics. His pain is his readers’ gain, or so he will tell you.

“Timothy’s Take-Out” tracks the exploits of Carl Fellows, a shy, polite young man who has difficulty understanding how society got so rude and aggressive all of a sudden, or why women prefer bad boys. His cynical outlook only worsens after he takes a job at a popular fast food joint in the beautiful resort town of Robinson’s Pt. Frightened by the hoards of obnoxious customers, Carl withdraws even further into himself. An inveterate dreamer, he believes fame is just around the corner, whether a product of his music, his boxing... or something out of left field. Absolutely nothing pans out for him, naturally, and the idealistic youth begins to spin his wheels.

Carl’s inner demons aside, this is a lighthearted book, crammed-to-bursting with inventive comedy. Robinson’s Pt. provides a nostalgic, breathtakingly lovely backdrop throughout, while the novel’s climactic scenes leave one breathless yet craving more. On the subject of craving more, dear reader, there is a wealth of information about “Timothy’s Take-Out” here (www.dontlikemyjob.com), or simply drop by your favorite online bookstore.

Fans of Mr. Barker’s stunning debut novel, take heart; his second ("Life On Umbriel") should be out early next year. Barker apologizes for the delay, but assures us it will be well worth the wait.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/5/prweb243606.htm