Comes to the Aid of Unknown Authors

Erotic story and poetry writers looking for a place to showcase their talent need look no further--and itís completely free.

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) May 24, 2005-- Trimaxx International Publishers, a new Detroit based company has announced that a portion of their website will host the works of various unknown writers that are without publishing and national audiences. Each page, one for poetry and the other for short stories, will feature only those writerís material in which Trimaxx editors have considered standout and original.

The world is full of best selling authors; the problem is that the majority of them either donít have an audience for their work or donít know where to find one. By opening their website doors to unknown writers, Trimaxx hopes to somehow fulfill that one writerís dream of having their work read and enjoyed by a wider and more diverse group, other than their immediate circle of family and friends.

Considering himself to be unknown at one time Antonio Kelley, founder and CEO of Trimaxx International Publishers says at one time he wrote short poems and stories here and there. The young entrepreneur went on to say that due to the content and subject matter of his material he could never find a forum that would allow his work to be posted for more than a day. Needless to say this is why the Detroit native started Trimaxx.

Since opening their doors to the public Trimaxx has already began working with one unknown author in particular, and plans to release his already highly anticipated (What Every Woman Wants and Every Man Needs to Know) poetry book valentines day 2006. The author whom writes under the pseudonym Javon is the first to be published under the Trimaxx umbrella and hopes not to be an unknown author for long.

ďAt the end of the day I just want unknown writers worldwide to know that Trimaxx International Publishers believes in them just as much as we believe in our own authors. How could we not believe when I myself was an unknown writer at one time, and to a certain degree still am,Ē as stated by Antonio Kelley.

Antonio Kelley
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