Are You Ready for the Real World? Successful Entrepreneur Advises Graduates That, Not All the Answers are in the Book

Info for grads on what it takes to make it in the real world, using examples of famous celebrities and newsmakers. Emphasizes the importance of doing the jop you were meant for, not just the one that will gain you the most money, or peer recognition.

Graduation season is upon us, and a fresh crop of young, eager, dazed-and-confused college graduates are about to step out on their own for the very first time. But has our educational system really prepared them for what they will encounter? Has school given them the knowledge and tools they need to succeed?

According to Brian Souza, the answer is no—not by a long-shot. A successful businessman, and author of the new book, Become Who You Were Born to Be, Souza says, “The theoretical lessons taught in school are often in sharp contrast to the harsh realities of the real world. So it is up to us—parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, mentors, and friends—to share with our graduates the three most important lessons they didn’t learn in school.”

Get Curious
We can all learn a thing or two from the great Leonardo da Vinci. He wasn’t born with a curious mind. Just like you and me, he had to cultivate his imagination. Talk about hobbies! Da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, engineer, musician, architect, inventor, botanist, writer, and scientist. He was far too curious to be restricted to just one discipline. All of Da Vinci’s successes were once just ideas. The challenge for graduates is for them to use their creative powers to come up with their own original ideas.

Get In The Vicinity
Each and every one of us has a gift that can define our life’s vocation, our life’s work. All we have to do is to discover it and pursue it with passion. And here’s an important secret: You don’t have to find it right off the bat; you just need to get in the general vicinity.

Oprah didn’t start out as a world-famous media personality; she started out as a seventeen-year-old broadcaster with WVOL radio in Nashville. Neil Armstrong didn’t just apply for a job to become the first man on the moon; he started out as a pilot in the Navy. Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t born in a weight room; he discovered weight lifting as a fifteen-year-old boy when his soccer coach decided the team needed some strength-building exercises.

The common denominator for many incredibly successful people is that they figured out what their true passion was and started heading in that general direction. When you set out in the general vicinity of your passions and interests, with only the expectation of enjoying yourself, chances are, you just might!

Get Going
“Gifted” people weren’t just handed their gifts on a silver platter. Day in and day out they shaped it, polished it, and honed it into something worthwhile. When you meet people who are at the top of their field, you can see the passion in their eyes. You can see it watching Carlos Santana make his guitar come alive in front of thousands of adoring fans. You can see it watching Tiger Woods sinking a chip shot from 110 yards out, Oprah connecting with her audience, or Emeril cooking up a mascarpone cheese polenta. And we’ll see that same spark in your eyes once you discover who you were born to be.

Souza’s book, Become Who You Were Born to Be, goes against the grain of most self-help books, which typically claim that motivation is the key to success. According to Souza, “That couldn’t be further from the truth. The key to success is being clear what your mission is here on earth. It’s about being clear what your unique purpose is. It’s about becoming the person you were born to be.” The book highlights the personal success stories of well-known historic and pop-culture figures such as Sylvester Stallone, Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Garth Brooks, Jim Carey, Mahatma Gandhi, Benjamin Franklin, Helen Keller, and Abraham Lincoln.

Conventional wisdom encourages us to follow the herd, to take the most popular path. But history proves that success is more often found off the beaten path. Souza advises, “Let your heart jump. Your feet will follow.”

Become Who You Were Born to Be: We All Have a Gift… Have You Discovered Yours? by Brian Souza; Published by Paragon Holdings, April 2005; ISBN: 0-9753522-0-2

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