A Business Book for "Good Guys"? Author of Rivers of Revenue Claims Itís Possible to Make Money Without Resorting to Deception

The author of a ground-breaking business growth book, Rivers of Revenue, shows how you can get ahead and be a "good guy" (or gal) at the same time.

Jamestown, RI (PRWEB) April 13, 2005 -- "Sooner or later, every client asks me about the wisdom of using some manipulative marketing method," says Kristin Zhivago, revenue coach to company leaders, and author of Rivers of Revenue. "Of course, my answer is always an emphatic 'No.' The test is simply this: Would you trust someone-and buy from them-if they tried to manipulate you? Of course not."

There are many examples of marketing manipulation, including:

--Spam messages that look like they're from a friend (subject line: "Hi! Just checking in!"), but are actually advertisements for Viagra or porn.

--Harmless-looking checks for $2.35 that arrive in the mail. The truth about those checks is written in tiny, faint type on the back of the check. Cash the check, and you've signed up to have your website hosted for $29.95 a month-even if you don't have or need a website.

--Calls from telemarketers who insist that "I'm not calling to sell you anything," when in fact that is exactly why they are calling.

--Envelopes containing a "magazine page" with a yellow sticky note attached to it, on which some "friend" named "J." has encouraged you to "Try this-it works!"

"As soon as you resort to one of these deceptive techniques, you are placing your business--and the rest of your career--in the same category as the shysters and jerks who infest the business world," says Zhivago. "You are associating yourself with the manipulators. You have made a decision to sacrifice any positive perceptions associated with your company--in other words, your brand--for the sake of a short-term gain. It's simply not worth it."

Zhivago wrote Rivers of Revenue to show business owners that there is a better way to get ahead. "All rivers of revenue come from the same place," Zhivago says. "Someone has a need or desire. You can meet that need or satisfy that desire. If you make it easy for the person to find you and buy from you, revenue will start to flow. If a significant number of people have the same problem, and they choose your solution, your small revenue stream will grow into a strong, healthy river of revenue. However, if their need or desire changes, your river will dry up. The book explains how to find and start new revenue streams."

David Jackson, president of David Jackson Remodeling, a full-service remodeling company in south central Kentucky, bought the book because he was looking for something "outside the circus of marketing: the magic wands, deception, outright lies, misdirection, analysis, statistics, blanket sales pitches, and self-supporting circular rhetoric." He says Rivers of Revenue has given him "336 pages of intelligent, usable, realistic, pertinent information."

Wayne Hurlbert, writing in his blog, (http://www.blogbusinessworld.blogspot.com), agrees that the book helps readers understand how the "you help me, I pay you" concept works. "Kristin Zhivago teaches, in easy-to-understand, step-by-step lessons, how to find what your customers want and need in the way of products, services, and customer support," Hurlbert says. "Your customers will enjoy buying from you. As a result, the Rivers of Revenue will flow freely for everyone."

"The book shows how succeeding in business is all about helping other people," says the author. "If you've been thinking about trying one of those manipulative methods, but haven't been comfortable with the idea, this book will show you a viable alternative. It reveals how 'good guys' get ahead."

The book's author, revenue generation coach Kristin Zhivago, is known as an expert on customer behavior. For 35 years, Zhivago has been helping company owners increase their revenues in the world's toughest, fastest-moving markets. As a monthly columnist and contributor to business publications since 1985, she has authored hundreds of articles and is a worldwide speaker on the subject of successful and ethical revenue generation. She founded Zhivago Marketing Partners, Inc. in Silicon Valley in 1979, and moved to a waterfront location in Rhode Island in 1996. She is the editor of the Revenue Journal, a blog for CEOs and small business owners (http://www.revenuejournal.com).

With a five-star review rating on Amazon.com, Rivers of Revenue is published by Smokin' Donut Books and is currently available at http://www.RiversOfRevenueBook.com and Amazon.com. The hardcover book retails for $24.95 and is 336 pages. ISBN #0974917915. For more information or to schedule an interview with Kristin Zhivago, contact Smokin' Donut Books at 877-474-8738 or e-mail protected from spam bots.

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