Safeadlists -Ensuring the New Sustained Future Of All Safelists

Astonishing Alternative to Safelists Are you finding your inbox being filled with Safelist emails? Are your ads producing poor results because they are not making it to prospects?

(PRWEB) May 21, 2005 -- Have you ever found a deep sense of enjoyment reading email advertisements, and in fact, would religiously log on to your advertising account to read and devour email advertisements that are sent to your account?

A new concept has arrived on the internet, and this is taking the entire safelist industry by the storm. Called the "Safeadlist", and touted as "the future of safelists", this specialised form of email advertising ensures all emails are read. Brain-child of the up and rising Safelist Warrior Queen, Debra Challinor, herself, the Safeadlist is a very user-friendly, easy to maintain list builder and email marketing tool.

" It's an astonishing alternative to safelists", says Kristen Pearce, who having experienced how a safeadlist worked had very quickly proceeded to be a happy owner of a safeadlist herself. She is not alone, because within a period of 6 weeks, already 24 safeadlists have been set up, with many more on the pipeline, as current safelist owners observe with pleasure the responsiveness of the safeadlists, and word goes out to advertisers who are looking for a more responsive medium to run their promotion campaigns.

The safeadlist is "designed with one thing in mind: to actually get your ads read!", observed Cherie Halliday, CEO of XtreamNet.Org.""You only need to log on to your account, and instead of a mass of emails, you are given a single email to read, very conducively placed within the members area. You won't be receiving thousands of emails because those days are over," says Debra Challinor. "You must log in to read other members ads, because as members read your ad, your points will start to go down, and to keep those points up, you have to read other members ads. This is how we can guarantee your ads will be read!"

Now, when an internet marketer can get his ads read by his prospects, half the job of marketing is over. It is no wonder that Hazel Burd, the noted custodian of the Safelists Directory, has listed these safeadlists in the category of "The Future of Advertising and Highly Responsive Lists."

"More and more safelists owners are coming on board to own a safeadlist because they see it as truly responsive", continued Debra. To meet this need, Debra is making a special offer that makes it truly affordable to anyone seeking to own a safeadlist and to grow it into a home business or to use it for his own promotion purposes. Details of an amazing half price special introductory offer can be obtained at
" You have to hurry because we are putting out a limited number of safeadlists at this half price offer..or you will miss it," says Debra."It's the early bird which catches the worm!".

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