Detroit Photo Studio Gets Help from the Internet

Midwest photo studio is able to compete with the well-know production centers based in New York and LA with the help of the Internet.

(PRWEB) May 18, 2005 -- As the need to globally source cost effective, yet well-equipped, photo and video production facilities has increased over the last several years, so has the need for easy-to-find and easy-to-use studio web sites that describe studios that can meet these needs.

In the past, the majority of photo and video productions took place close to the major media centers of New York and Los Angeles; even if the prices there were much higher than other studios located elsewhere in the USA. in the days before the Internet it was extremely difficult to locate and then contact more cost-effective, yet similarly equipped, studios.

Now, the Internet, along with the major search engines, have to a large degree changed that paradigm to now allow many studios located in more affordable parts of the country to now compete for photo and production opportunities that they before would been excluded from, if for no other reason than because nobody knew that they existed.

One example of this new reality is a large photo and production studio located in the Detroit area called Stage 3 Productions inc. Started more than 20 years ago to serve the Detroit Automotive Industry, today Stage 3's 40,000 sq/ft facility services many non-automotive clients who fly-in from places as far away as Paris, London, and New York.

Often it will cost a client less to fly in from someplace like New York, use the studio for a day or two, and then fly back home to New York then it would to use a much smaller and less equipped New York studio.

If you were to visit Stage 3 on any given day (as is possible for anyone to do if you simply call ahead) you would be likely to find those stages that were originally built for world-class car photography being used for the filming of a music video, or as a place for a national TV network to create a special interview show.

Prior to the launch of their studio rentals site, Stage 3 found that it was very difficult for a video crew in LA, a fashion photographer in Paris, or an Ad Agency in New York City to even know that Stage 3 even existed; no less could these potential clients know whether or not the studio had the type of space, power, lighting, and security that these production experts were used to finding in their more expensive local studios. Now, thanks to the Internet and the major search engines that has all changed.

About Stage 3 Productions Inc.
Stage 3 Productions Inc. was established in the 1980's as a product and automotive photography studio, and over the years has grown into one of the largest CYC car photo stages in the world, working with a number of car company ad agencies and private car photographers each year. In addition, Stage 3 is pleased to actively serve the diverse global production needs of many non-automotive ad agencies and freelance photographers.

For more information please contact Jason Plummer or Andre LaRoche at 1-586-576-0625, or visit Stage 3's Studio Rentals homepage at

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