Can eBay Help Build a Pagan College?

Wiccans of the Correllian Nativist Church are forming a Theological College to open this fall. In order to help raise funds they are turning to eBay as their place to sell their ideas, in electronic form.

(PRWEB) May 19, 2005 -- Wicca and Paganism is growing so quickly in the United States that a demand for trained teachers is rising exponentially. Yes, in America, there is a growing new career by becoming a Witch. While apprenticing is still the primary way of training a young Witch, some 21st century Wiccans are updating with creating Correllian College, with it's major campus in Albany, New York.

But what does that do with eBay?
"eBay is the perfect place to reach millions of people" says Witch School Director Ed Hubbard, "and this is where everybody eventually looks for information as well as products. By using eBay to help us raise funds, we have the larger benefit of providing public information inherent in selling on eBay. Simply put we can reach more people who share our interest faster than ever before. Our listings allow us to really be part of the world economy". Witch School sells books and even a unique .pdf to college supporters through it's online eBay store.

Why a Pagan College?
"The need is acute, we need trained educators and clergy, now more than ever before." Davron Michaels, Director of the Correllian College Project, points out. "We have a growing number of people who are looking for answers, and their education is leaving them unable to cope with the world they feel should be living in. We have a highly educated membership and we are focusing on the fact most traditional education systems are becoming increasingly hostile to Pagan ideals. So the need is apparent and the demand is now, we need to have a place where we will be able to learn and build knowledge. We need our own college. We need it right now. Tommorow will definitely be to late."

So there you have it, Wicca, America's fastest growing religion is turning to the eBay, the world's fastest growing marketplace, to help build a Pagan College.

Ebay Auction Listing:

Contact for Correllian College:

Davron Michaels
e-mail protected from spam bots
Ph: 518-459-7845
Address: 219 N. Whitehall Rd,
Albany New York 12209

Contact for Witch School:
Ed Hubbard
e-mail protected from spam bots
Ph: 217-283-4360
Address: 112 W. Main Street
Hoopeston, Il 60942

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