Be the Genius in Your Next Meeting - eXpertSystem Digs Deep into the Thinking of Over 100 Great Minds While eXpertLingo Taps Your Innate Creativity

If you need great ideas fast, sparking your creative juices can be as easy as launching the eXpertSystem/eXpertLingo software suite and taking 15 minutes to tap over 100 great minds, 144,000 word associations and 250,000+ images. Coaches, Consultants, Executives and Creatives can now accelerate their creative problem solving and develop dozens of ideas in minutes.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) May 17, 2005 -- Today ExitPath Corporation launches eXpertSystem and eXpertLingo, a suite of creativity, brainstorming and expert learning and presentation programs to accelerate business, coaching, consulting and learning.

The programs, based on a combination of Associative Thinking Processes and Linear Diagnostic and presentation tools provides users with ready access to unlimited information on demand. In addition, the software suite helps to quickly collect that information and process it into a focused, linear presentation so that sharing complex or creative thinking is easy and understandable by viewers of the final documents.

"It's a known fact that the fastest, most powerful way to master any process is to:
1) Find an Expert and mentor with them,
2) Ask Questions (questions open your mind), and
3) Invoke your own creative processes to look at things from all angles.

Napoleon Hill, Tony Buzan, Eli Goldratt and other great leaders of success, creativity and process innovation acknowledge these facts" says Mark Effinger, CEO of ExitPath Corporation, developers of the eXpertSystem/eXpertLingo software suite. "We've developed a platform for blending these three critical elements into a single, easy to use program. We sincerely hope to make the process of solving problems and expanding opportunities easier and faster for everyone".

Over the last 30 days more than 1,000 users have been applying eXpertSystem in their work. Schools include USC and Harvard; Corporations and Agencies such notables as NASA, Nokia, Motorola and many of the world's top Advertising Agencies.

eXpertSystem and eXpertLingo software comes as a combined suite, with nearly 1,000 expert topic questions and comments, 144,000 word and phrase association engine and a 250,000 keyword-tagged image database, for visual brainstorming and assembling presentations. A free full function 15-day trial version can be downloaded from eXpertSystem Free Download.

The product can be purchased at a special price of $99 at the eXpertSystem Online Store Page.Additional eXpertContent Modules for quickly learning, drilling-down on a specific subject, coaching/consulting and building fast presentations can be purchased for an average of $49 at the eXpertTopic Modules Store Page.

ExitPath Corporation is a Vancouver, Washington based company focused on providing solutions to growing businesses, with an emphasis on the coaching and consutling trades. Since 1986 we developed and sold more than a dozen businesses, and consulted to over 500 startups and fast-growth businesses. We can be reached at and our eXpertSystem programs can be found at

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