A New Niche in Broadcast Advertising Arrives: MAKEITONTV

Master marketer and renowned inventor Akiva Buchberg makes customized, international marketing campaigns affordable with "MAKEITONTV!"

(PRWEB) May 20, 2005 -- Akiva Buchberg, an award-winning packaging expert and inventor of over 260 international patents who has been cited by organizations from around world for his designs and patents, is taking his expertise one step further, with "MAKEITONTV!"

Buchberg, realizing the need for both small and large companies to sell their products on television in both the U.S. and European market, will capitalize on his skills as a "master marketer" and has teamed up with Emmy Award-winning director, Bernard Salzman, and created a brand new company, "MAKEITONTV!" The company will not only produce commercial spots but also create a full service program for the marketing needs of both small and large companies beyond the initial production of the television spot -- this includes media planning and buying, testing, analysis, logistics, reporting and after-market performance.

Much of what "MAKEITONTV!" will do will is to bring the product of the company -- whether it be clothing, jewelry, fragrances or health and medical products - - available through television to an audience as large as a half a billion people in one month - - and be directly linked to toll free numbers and websites, to maximize sales potential for their clients. Formerly, companies could never afford this type of exposure for such a reasonable cost.

The quality of "MAKEITONTV!" productions will bypass straightforward television commercials or infomercials -- they will be "expensive looking" and cinematic spots, that will beat what we see on television today -- production of such high quality that clients will get tremendous response to their product.

Each "MAKEITONTV!" campaign will be strategized with clients as to their particular needs in different markets in the U.S. and all around the world.

"MAKEITONTV!" is the first company to meld "high tech" production with direct marketing sales - - and one which has a proven track record of bringing products and services to the largest audience for the most reasonable cost to their clients - - ones who never believed that they could afford to advertise on television before and relied on print advertising. Buchberg offers a unique combination of advertising, marketing and direct response.

With offices in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and several European capitals, not to mention offices in Asia, "MAKEITONTV!" is accessible to businesses that never thought that they could afford to advertise on television -- Buchberg has the knowledge to make "the buy" affordable and expose product and services to hundreds of millions of people and to spend advertising money more efficiently than ever before. Nobody else has offices in major cities and business hubs around the world which provide advertising and marketing directly into the homes of hundreds of millions of Americans.

"MAKEITONTV!" is the new wave of television advertising and Buchberg is leading the way in this industry.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/5/prweb242331.htm