Family Business Profiles Features Positive and Inspiring Family Business Success Stories

Family Business Profiles is a new feature on the web site of Family Business Experts offering a brief sketch of successful family businesses.

(PRWEB) June 6, 2005 -- Atlanta-based Family Business Institute and their web based organization, Family Business Experts, announced they have launched a new initiative - Family Business Profiles.

Family Business Profiles features positive and inspiring stories about successful family businesses.

Family Business Institute founder, Don Schwerzler, reports that Family Business Profiles has received highly favorable responses from family businesses.

"Our new Family Business Profiles section was inspired partly because you can rarely pick up a newspaper or business magazine without reading another “gloom and doom” article about family-owned businesses. The media loves to publish stories about family businesses that are self-destructing and family relationships that have run amok. The juicier the better, it seems." said Schwerzler.

"After we read these stories, we wonder how families can get themselves into such difficult and sometimes irreversible circumstances. Then we take a deep breath and try to convince ourselves that nothing like that will ever happen to our family business. But it’s too late. The seed has been planted, and we are discouraged by the stories of failure."

On the other hand, success stories are likely to generate a much more positive response. Stories about families that have weathered storms and prospered can give us inspiration, encouragement and insight into our own situations. Family businesses have always been quick to seize a new idea or concept and adapt it for their own.

"With that in mind, we have decided to add a new feature to our web site and e-zine, Understanding Family Business. Here are the stories of real family businesses whose experiences will provide readers with insights and examples of some of the family business strategies that worked for them" said David Jones, principal and Internet consultant with the Family Business Institute.

Schwerzler indicated that family-owned businesses who would like to be considered as a candidate for the Family Business Profiles can fill out a simple questionnaire on their web site and that will start the process. The questionnaire can be accessed at http"//

"If you are a family-owned business and would like your story profiled in Understanding Family Business, please let us know by using our Family Business Profile Questionnaire contact form. Your family business profile may be an inspiration to other family businesses, and the free publicity could also be helpful to your business" said Schwerzler.

If you are a professional service provider and would like to nominate one of your client's as a candidate for Family Business Profiles, let us know using the same Family Business Profile Questionnaire and we will be happy to recognize their success.

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